I think many artists attempt to encompass a large number of connected topics in one

expression. I certainly fit into this category. One of the complexities in trying to share such an

expression is that, without some context, the work may be difficult to understand, if not nearly impossible for the viewer to engage in any meaningful way. Conversely, the danger of an artist expounding upon the work is that it is not ideally in service of the artistic attempt to do so. The work should speak for itself.

However, I do feel I need to give a simple description of the 'digital portrait' pieces I've been making. Each of my 'digital portraits' are triptychs. There is an initial photo of a human face

that is reduced to a small number of pixels - symbolic of facial recognition. The second is an

algorithmic code that describes the photo in terms of computer data. The third is my calligraphic

interpretation of the algorithmic code - a symbolic attempt to restore humanity to the individual.

These triptychs are meant to read forward and backward, oscillating between these two worlds.