All of the work I'm making is symbolic of how complex our human lives have
become. One could say that it is a record of where we stand in the midst of
tremendous technological and scientific advances, and how that inevitably leads
to existential questions.

I have been carving inscriptional and bas relief work in stone for 40 odd years. I am 

the eighth generation of carvers to continue this work at the John Stevens Shop, 

following faithfully in traditions that reach back thousands of years in human history.

I am using bodies of computer code, both taken from the web and also generated
with algorithmic tools, and calligraphically interpreting them to reestablish a sense
of humanity. I am then carving these symbols into stone as a bridge between historic 

and prehistoric texts, and the often momentary existence of digital data. It is a means 

of highlighting the disjunction between our relationship with the physical world and 

our ever growing interaction with the digital realm.

This exploration of human existence opens perspectives that span the subatomic
to the cosmic.